FOR SALE: Torker 20" DX

200 usd

custom 22.2 mm ( made by darren bedford, thick steeled post)
24" chrome united frame
20" torker DX wheelset

i live in B.C., Canada ( you pay shipping)


Why you selling?

can u post pics? one of my friends wants a cheap splined trials uni.

i’ll take the wheelset if i can afford it

my friends interested. pictures? condition?

the rim and cranks are totally fine, im really surpirsed at how well this uni has held up, still in really good shape.

ill post some pictures up tonight.
and im changing the tire on it to a brand new luna, creepy is a little worn
talk to you soon


here are some pics…




If noone takes, how much CAD for the wheelset?

well i kinda want to sell the whole thing, i think like 180 for the wheelset

do you have any pics of the whole uni or these the only ones you havev

that is the whole uni

no pedals and no seat

alright anyone gunna grab this up?

200 usd for the set up

or 150usd for the wheelset

what happened to the original frame, and why did you change it?


didn’t torker just give that to you?