[For Sale] Thomson 25.4 seat post

here is the bit off the end i cut down…its in perfect condition. Made in the USA…25.4 diameter.

the post was $75 so i figure $25 shipped (next day air) is fare for this mint left-over gem.


So your selling that little peice you cut off?

yes, so you want to buy?

How about 40$ Canadian + shipping, sound good?

I might as well call dibs before someone else snatches it up! Things like this don’t come up for sale very often.

No thanks, but what you use it for?

yea i dont get why you’d by a pice of a thompson seat post… can you explain ?

You do ride a unicycle, right?

yea but that thing has nothing to hold your seat… it’s a cylinder of metal… I dont get what you’d do with that

Right on, that’s one of your better responses.

Basically, April Fools.

Sorry to spoil it.

Darn you fooled me.

Play ‘slide’ guitar?


April Fools… 2006