For sale: The last of my stuff

I would really like to sell this all in one lot, though if someone wants to buy part of it (multipul peices) then I may consider that.


New Kh freeride saddle with freestyle bumpers
Slightly used Park tool tensiometer. This is great for trials riders.
New Odyssey hazard 14mm front hub, perfect for a BC if anyone still rides those.
Trek alen key index 2-8mm with screw drivers
Torker LX saddle with new gemcrest cover
Various Kh and torker bumpers
Rim strips
Tons of saddle and frame hardware
Pipe cutter (for posts)
Torker DX 06 24" wheel with new kenda kenetics
Flat spoted try-all rim (fixable by good wheel builder)
New White kenda kontact
Various saddle foams and covers (some ripped) along with seat bases
EB frame, great for bmx wheel with 2.1 or less tire (very tight clearance)
Jimmy pedals needing pins

Make offers on whole lot or significant number of parts

PM sent.

I would give you $200 plus shipping

I know the lot is worth more than that but that is what I can afford

That’s a lot of nice stuff that I don’t really need :slight_smile:

$200 sounds good (unless someone offers more in the next few days)

I will warn you shipping this stuff to canada will be quite steep.

I think if you ship USPS it isn’t too bad, what pay method do you use? Paypal?

If nobody offers more send me a PM when this stuff is deemed sold.

USPS could work, I would expect $55+ for shipping.

Wait! Can I buy one of the KH freestyle bumpers out of that lot? I really need one.

I’ll give you $6 shipped to 60620?

Edit: The front bumper

PM sent

Sold to Saskatchewanian unless someone offers more than $200 by same time tomorrow.

Maybe im not in the loop but why are you selling all that awsome stuff?

Dislocated my shoulder a few times, can’t do this stuff anymore.

Man, that tensionmeter was calling for me.


It’s yours for $210. I will give you a whole bunch of other crap along with it.

No thanks. I’m already trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff and find room for my unicycles. More of their parts wouldn’t be a good thing right now.

Ill let Saskatchewanian take this one.

Its all boxed up along with a few other various things I found.

Who will I be sending this to?

Merry Christmas to me.:smiley:

Looking like Saskatchewanian is going to get it…

dang! so you have a DX wheelset… try-all rim… uhm
several seats
… $200 is one heck of a price
none of the seats are CF correct?