[For Sale] Suzue hub with DX32 rim

No tire, Hub is cotterless. It’s a Kovachi Wheel, for what it’s worth.
Sells for 155 New

Missing Rim tape, needs a little bit of truing and a good amount of cleaning (was used for DH MUni in a wet climate.) Perfectly useable.

Asking 50$+shipping from 96822 zip code.

24 or 26 inch?

If the wheel fits a 20" frame, I’m interested. Thanks! --carl

Sorry to threadjack, but subsonic’s post reminded me that I have a 24" DX32 laced to a UDC hub that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of. It is true and clean and hasn’t been ridden since october of last year because I sold my other muni parts. Let me know if anyone is interested.

if its a 24 inch rim than PM me with shipping to K7M 8L2 Kingston Ontario(very interested)

Mine’s a 24". I knew i was forgetting something obvious.

We need a 24" so if one of the two fo you could just PM myself or Hagbag back so we can get you some money, That would rock. Shipping is to K7L 2K4 Kingston Ontario, Canada. Thanks