FOR SALE: Surly 24" Muni with Large Marge

I hate to part with this but i need the extra money and can’t justify having as many Munis as I do. I’d hoped that my son would have more interest in it but…
Anyway it’s in nearly new condition. The frame is perfect. It has a KH Moment Hub with 158mm Monty Trials cranks. Wheel is strong and true. Great condition Gazz. Magura brake. Very little riding has been done on this.
Anyone with serious interest PM me.


fine ride. :slight_smile:


how much were you willing to get?

Ill pay 150$

I hope that was just a bad joke :stuck_out_tongue:

The rim alone costs about that much:

haha, im pretty sure it was a joke brian…

It was kinda a joke.

I didn’t think he would accept.

But then again, I would pay 150$ for it if this was possible :wink:

Hey PDC,

Great looking uni. Can you tell us a little about how it rides? Is it significantly heavier than, say, a KH24 with a Gazz on it (which is what I ride now)? I’ve been thinking about building up one of these (in 26" size), but yours is ready to go … I’d like something with a wider rim just to improve tire fold issues when hopping around and doing trials-y stuff on muni rides.

Plus an idea about what you’re looking for, price-wise, would be welcome.


if i had the money i would give u 700

Can I pretend to be your son. I’ll take interest in it :D. I’ll pm you my address :sunglasses:

How Much?

How much are you asking for this? Im looking for a good one but not too expensive.

For reference:

except without a profile hub or rail adapter, so about $200 cheaper.


If you are still looking for a buyer, I’ll give you $325 for it.

I wish i had the money for this.:frowning:

I’m still looking for a buyer. A bit higher though. The frame and the brake cost more than that.