FOR SALE: Summit Trials

Lightly used. Never done grinds or large drops. Will have brand new Viscount saddle. Not the one with handle pictured. Will have standard seat post. Cranks have been denubbed on a milling machine. Has Magura brake mounts.

$300 plus shipping.

dang i wish i had 300$

Hmm, I may be interested… Will let you know by next week sometime.

NOOOOOOOO… i wanted a trials but i didnt have enought money… so i just bought a coker… so i now dont have any money… this sucks…


what will shipping to oz cost and what will it b in oz dolaz?

Probably $50 - $60 US Dollars with a 4 -6 week delivery time. anything faster would be over $100

Somewhere about $476 AUD Delivered

I’ll take it!

Check your PM’s.