[For Sale] Street/Trials Uni

THIS UNICYCLE is for sale for 200ishUSD, I’ll ship worldwide and buyer pays shipping if it is outside USA.

Hey Catboy

I am on my handheld and can’t see the pictures but we have dealt before and so I trust that this uni rocks the show. I wanted to call dibbs. I will PM you tomorrow from my desktop. Thanks, Beener

i would be interested in the wheel set… pm me if u want to…

also interested in the wheel!
pm me if the other guy doesnt want it??

i might be interested. i have to ask my freind. ill ask him right now. i call 2nd dibs

if u part it ill take the seat. i would of bought this but i just but a dx

is it still availible?

CATBOY!!! I WANT YOUR UNI!!! check your pm’s