FOR SALE: Stock Coker Wheel

Stock Coker Wheel: 2nd generation - brushed steel. Complete with tire in great condition plenty of tread. Got an Airfoil and don’t need this one.

$150 + Shipping

i may be interested… maybe…
but i may buy one from another person who offered one previously.

pdc, check your pm’s

if someone has a buisness address to ship it to…FedX will have a much cheaper price than residential…FYI.

the differance can really help on large items.

Thanks Jag.


Stock Coker WHEEL

What does it have for a hub?

It’s a stock coker hub. Much like a Suzue.

Which tire? Coker or Radial 360
Is it not the UDC superwide hub?


i would buy it but i dont fit coker:(

same but im 2 small also:(

Is it still availible? And how much to ship to New York City? (10006) Email me with details if you could, my username


I also now have this frame for sale(the black one), note the Magura brake bosses. I can put them together with other parts to make a complete Coker.

How much do you want for the whole setup?

…I may wait on buying the camera.

Here are pics of it assembled.

If I sell complete Coker it will not include that seat setup. I have a Viscount or a KH saddle.

How much are you asking for the complete Coker, and how complete is it? Is the brake included?

definately worth a thought.
i may buy this for my own birthday.

how much im interested

PDC, check your PMs.
I think i’ll end up buying this.
do you take paypal?