For Sale: Snafu Pedals $50AUS

Brand new. Still in its packaging.

Cast aluminium body
Forged and heat-treated chromoly spindles (9/16")
Quality ball-bearings
Super-fat body won’t easily break or crack
Super-deep concave for better footing
Black powdercoat finish
Replaceable screw-in pins

An excellent pedal for MUni and trials riders. High quality pedals such as these will improve your riding experience.

Worth $70AUS but I’m selling them for $50AUS.

Just post here if you’re interested.

You sounds liek a real sales person. Bumpo.

I’m willing to negotiate the price. Heres some pictures.

If you want more pics just ask.

It’s glad wrapped as well. That’s a good way of preventing dirt and whatnot. :smiley:

Good luck with the sale The.Mars.Volta.

Wow…Snafu’s must be really expensive down there. We can get them here for the equivalent of $31 AUD.

Well thanks for that, now I’ll never sell them.

Were you trying to rip somebody off?

No, I’m selling them for the same price as UDC. Even less if someone wants to negotiate prices.


Willing to drop the price.

y r u selling if theyre so good?

Sheesh he just trying to sell some pedals. These are great for Trials and Muni as he said but he’s mostly a street rider. He probably uses plastics.

Yes thanks surfer1024, I ride half and half. My left pedal (grinding pedal) is metal, mostly because I can’t get it off.

And oneisenough, I’m selling them, you smart arse bastard, haha. I won them and don’t need them.

Why does everyone think I’m trying to rip them off?

I reckon its an awsome deal.