[For Sale] SixSixOne Leg Armor, SM

1 pair of SixSixOne 4x4 leg armor, black, size small, like new.
Retails for $39., sell for $25. plus shipping.
Pete Perron
soulskater(insert ‘at’ sign)netos.com

do they stink or have sweat stains? emal me pictures of inside and out of the armor.

manon1wheel@yahoo.com :sunglasses:

that’s a funny but good question. they were my wife’s and she only wore them once and didn’t exactly break a sweat!

still available as of today.

well, ah, how much would shipping to ZIP code 96162 be?

or where are you shipping from?

from seattle. i’d say $5. will cover shipping, and i’ll pay anything over that. the box size not the weight will push up the shipping.

so… size small is “16 inch top, 8 inch bottom…”
i am too big for those, sadly, or i would buy them. It seems that i am a large, as i just measured.

thanks anyway.

Still have these, they’re practically like new. $25. will include domestic priority shipping.