[For Sale] Sixsixone 2x4 Arm armor, size med

Hey guys, I recently got a pair of 2x4s on eBay, without realizing that the size was medium, which is too small for me. They are completely new in their mesh drawstring bag, and have only been tried on for size. You can have 'em for $15 plus shipping.

Nobody wants 'em? They’re actually new. They even have the sixsixone sticker attached to them. I’d use them, but they’re too small for me. They go for $30 retail, so this is a good deal for awesome elbow/arm protection.

rubs almost broken arm from last night

would they fit me if I’m 6’2"?

I kind of doubt it. If your arms are skinny, they might fit.

How much would postage/packaging be to England, (s201fg)?