[For Sale] Selling custom ONZA

Hub/Cranks: Onza
Seat: Kris Holm
Seatpost: Bedford - 22.2 mm
Frame: Bedford
Tire: Onza
Rim: Double-walled ALEX

The pedals are not included, but are not costly to replace. The seatpost in the picture is bent but is now replaced with a brand new one. This unicycle is in good condition. I am selling it because I am need of money for college. Contact me for any information.


how much r u asking ?

I’m asking for $250, I’ve spent around $550 on it. I’m in need of money badly.

  • Keaton

WOAH. Say yes immdediatly. trust me, that’s a GOOD bargain. I’d jack the price on that just alil’ notch mr. Rocknroll.

i will now kill you murde

Ah crap… well… hahaha sorry?

check PMs


Would you consider a trade or is this a money only thing? It seems to me if you are willing to trade down alittle, you could still get some money and still have a uni.

250- you pay shiping

splined hub

Do the uni have splined hub?

cant you look at the specs ? ONZA…god some ppl piss me off

does that really piss you off dude?


hahaha no

HEY: Is this uni still around!!!

Hey is this thing still for sale, cause I may want to buy the thing.

is this for sale still???

you should email him, he doesnt seem to be very active

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