For Sale: SEALED Snafu pedals

Like new. Sealed bearings. 9/16’’ threads. Greyish in color (snafu grey). $54.99 on danscomp, asking $30 plus shipping. Great for muni. North America only please. Pics available.

Sounds pretty sweet. Where would you be shipping them from and how do they weigh? (How mcuh is shipping). Are the pins removeable?

I’m shipping from State College, PA zip is 16801. Shipping to MN would probably be covered by a flat $5. They have removeable pins.

Here is a pic of what they look like. I can get you a pic of the actual pedals if you need it. They are a grey color though not black as these are. There are 4 molded non removeable pins on each side of each pedal and 4 very long grippy removeable ones.

are you selling them new or used? i’d like to see some pics please if that not to much of a hastle

Sorry but the snafs pictured are NOT sealed! Those are the NON-sealed pedals that come standard on the KH freeride. I have the grey sealed snafs…they have am allen-cap on the end where the sealed bearing cartridge fits.

Decided not to comment. Obie (Kevin) is not trying to deceive anyone Terry.

Yeah…He just pulled a pic from the web that isnt a pic he took himself.

Here is a pic of the sealed ones.

snafu.bmp (363 KB)

Hey PAL! I NEVER said that, nor did I imply that! I do NOT appreciate your post! :astonished: Go back and READ my post. I simply stated that the ones pictured were not sealed…not that the ACTUAL ones he had were not,ok?

And speaking of “deceiving”, I decided also, to use YOUR words, “not to comment”, I could have accused YOU of trying to “deceive” ME, when you had “switched” the original snafu pedals that came with the freeride that I recently bought from you, with cheapie wellgos! But you weren’t trying to “deceive” me now were you?:slight_smile: How does it feel to get it thrown right back in your face? Sorry, but you really PISSED me off ! But I’ll get over it.:smiley:

Terry, If you thought there was no deception in Obie’s post, then why did you post at all? The only thing you contributed to the thread was to cast doubt on what Kevin was selling. My opinion on Trading Post threads is; unless you are a potential buyer, don’t post.

Yes I did switch the pedals cause I wanted the Snafus. But not deceitfully. I photographed them and showed you. When you expressed that you wanted the Snafus to make the deal, I included them. I was not obligated to sell that uni with it’s original configuration.

If you have any further rants, or attacks on my character, please do it in private!!

Sorry for this ugly thread jack Kevin.

I posted the pic only to show Mullethunter what snafu pedals looked like because he seemed to want to know more about the pins on snafus. The pedals I have are sealed and look exactly like the ones trials uni posted, except for color. They are used, but the price reflects that. They are “as new” as I stated. That means used but in similar shape to a new pair. There are no scratches or lost pins. The bearings spin well. I will get actual pictures of these and my other sales.

Thanks for defending my honesty Phil and Trials Uni.

Edit: It is noteworthy that the sealed and non sealed pedals are identical except for the axle and bearings. Sealed pedals have cartridge bearings while non-sealed pedals have loose ball bearings. Sealed pedals keep dirt and water out of the bearings better and generally require less maintenance. Usually they are twice as much but you can get these sealed pedals from me for the price of non sealed.

Let’s get this straght! I NEVER questioned your honesty! I simply wanted to point out that the pedals in the picture were not the sealed type. HEre’s an analogy: If you were selling a Torker DX, but had inadvertantly posted a pic of an LX, you can darn well bet that a FLOOD of people would post a response saying that you had the WRONG PICTURE in your ad!

I also wanted to see the actual picture of the pedals because I WANTED TO BUY THEM!:slight_smile:

You “ranted” and attacked MY character FIRST buddy boy! REad my DX/LX analogy below. WHen you or anybody is advertising something to sell, is it UNreasonable to expect to see the actual pic of what it is you’re selling. I full well realize that it was an oversight and NOT intentional, and I wanted to bring it to h the seller’s attention in the hope that he would (and DID) correct it.

Terry stated the first pic was of unsealed pedals, when Obie said he was selling sealed. Terry just wanted to let obie and other know those were not sealed pedals, nothing about obie was trying to scam people buy saying sealed and selling an unsealed pair.

His statement was misread making it so people thought Terry was trying to bring down Obie, but all he was doing was saying the picture was not exact to what he was selling.

As for the transaction with Phil and Terry on the uni and the pedal switching, that shouldn’t even be commented here, solve that elsewhere.

There problem solved, no more arguing.

To stay on topic, Obie, I almost had a buyer for your pedals, he was looking for a new pair and mentioned these ones, but then he got some from another friend for free, but were slightly beat up. Good luck selling them.

Thank you Jerrick for clarifying things and being intellectually honest!:slight_smile: I was interested in buying those very pedals…the snafu sealed bearing type. YEs, I simply wanted to confirm that the one’s being sold were sealed. But it seems that even the seller feels that I was “implying deceit”, by “thanking” pdc and trials uni for “defending” his honesty. So, TheObieOne3226, if you still feel that there was something sinister about my post, then I’m sorry you misinterpreted my meaning. If you accept that you made a mistake, and are still looking for a buyer, then let me know. And let me also admit that I overreacted to PDC, but sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself when you feel unjustly attacked, as I most surely was. And Jerrick is right to call for an end to this topic. I am sorry if I offended anyone.

thanks for skipping over my post’s and making this whole thread a biatch vest… not interested anymore… peace

anyways… how much do you think shipping would to L4N 6H9 Barrie, Ontario? thanks

This got blown way out of proportion. Terry, I see what you are saying. I guess I should have thanked you as well for pointing out what you thought to be a mistake (thanks). My thanking of Phil and trials uni doesn’t mean I took your post the wrong way. “Defending” was probably the wrong word because it implies that there was an offense. I didn’t read into your post any more than what it said, and if pdc and trials uni hadn’t replied I would have simply posted the pic TU did or waited to post an actual picto correct my oversight. Its just nice when someone says “Obie is not trying to deceive anyone” because that shows at least some level of trust from a person I have never met. So I thanked him. No bad blood here.

Anyways I will borrow a camera later and take a picture to remove any confusion and show condition. I am thinking I will just ship it anywhere in NA for $5.

that’s cool. I’ll be checking back for the pic! Thanks:D

sick so thats like 40 bucks canadian? wow thats a sick deal… i know if i can get them for sure by the end of the week

Sorry, pics tomorrow.