[For Sale] Schwinn 6' Giraffe. Nice condition.

After wanting one since high school and finally finding it while still single, I’m now being forced to let my giraffe go. My wife is afraid I’m going to kill myself on it (if she only knew how much more dangerous my Coker is, she’d make me lose that too.)

Anyhow, it’s up on eBay here . I’m hoping that it goes to someone who will actually use it and not keep it in the garage most of the time (as I’ve pretty much done for the last year).

I really want it, but right now I dont have the ca$h…

Hey FlashGumby, I live in Hobe Sound, About 30 minutes North of you near Stuart. Maybe if I decided to buy it, I could come down and pick it up to avoid shipping costs.

I may actually buy it if prices don’t jump past more then 130 with shipping and all. Just have to wait and see!