FOR SALE: Schwinn 24"

New Condition Square Taper Schwinn. This thing has Hardly if ever been ridden. Long Seatpost. Perfect Condition.

$100 or best offer.

Has 14" Seatpost.

do you know how much shipping would be to CT?

About $20

whats up with the seatpost. it like has a pin u put thru the post instead of a clamp. it would be impossible to get the seat to ur perfect height

Schwinns have been that way since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Holy crap pdc when arn’t you selling stuff?

When I’m buying stuff.

Your the luckiest guy I know:D

Any reasonable offer considered.

Does that rim fit standard 24" tires, or is it the special hard-to-find goofy sized rim?

(I don’t want to buy it, just wondering.)

Standard Size.

I’ll buy the seat.