For Sale - Schlumpf Hub

Hi guys. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried, but I just cannot get to grips with my Schlumpf hub. So I am putting it up for sale.
It is the new KH hub, purchased in March this year
I have ridden it for about 20 miles and probably pushed it just as many. :o
It has been inside 3 wheel builds. Nimbus 29” and 24” and a KH26” So I’m a dab hand at wheel wheelbuilding. :roll_eyes:
I have included lots of photos of the hub.
I will post it (almost) anywhere in the world. Buyer pays postage.
Please ask me for a quote for postage as I know a man who knows a man :roll_eyes:
I am asking £850 or best offer.
Any other questions just ask.



Sorry, ran out time re sizing my pics.
Here’s the others.:slight_smile:

left .jpg

left side.jpg


right side.JPG





drooling… I just bought a coker, or I would be all over this hub. Maybe after christmas…I am in the market for one. Looks beautiful. Ive tried to ride one before and never got it. I only got to try for an hour at a competition where another rider had one. Anyways, if its still around in January after the holidays, weall see how much funds I have. Take care

Cheers Isaac :slight_smile:


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’ve had few messages asking about what appear to be cracks in the hub.
So I’ve taken a close up pic.
They’re not cracks , Thank goodness :slight_smile:
I think they are scratches from my efforts at wheel building. :o :roll_eyes:



Hi guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the interest shown in this hub. It is now SOLD and is on it’s way to a new home where it will get used to its’ full potential :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Roger at UDC for his help :slight_smile: