For Sale: red Koxx Devil frameset (UK Only)

Hi there, here’s what’s up for grabs:

Koxx Devil black frame (including shim and Bedford red flame stickers)
Koxx-One red doublebolt seatclamp
Try-All 250mm black reinforced seatpost
Koxx-One red trials saddle

All of these are in good condition, these have been looked after very well, any small marks or tiny tears in the saddle cover have been pretty neatly repaired.

All of this new could cost over £100.

I ask only £50 for all of this! (price does not include p&p)

Grab the bargain while you can, it’s a perfect upgrade over a Nimbus or an Onza frameset for your trials uni, at a reasonable price!

(note: wheel not included!)


that is such a good deal.
just wondering, how do you like the tryall tire?
I would buy it, but I’m like on the opposite side of the planet:)

try-all sticky is a sick tire i love it i donno about him…

yeah I love the try-all tyre too…

If that deal wasn’t enticing enough… for an extra £10 on top of the original £50, I’ll chuck in a set of used Dainese Knee/Shin pads, and a pair of maroon Odyssey Jim C sealed pedals (as seen in the picture above).

(both of which together new cost well over £100 :roll_eyes: )

wow. i might have actually bought it if i didnt live in arizona

danm this is tempting.

If i wasnt in love with my white nimbus frame i would snap this up.

ill think about it… if i get it, it wuld probibly be at the london meet or somthing.

is it much lighter then the nimbus frame?

Dale, the frame itself is a tiny tiny bit heavier than the Nimbus I reckon because it’s almost the same frame, but it has a slightly larger diameter seattube. But at least you can run stronger seatposts with a nice choice of brands, materials, and lengths.

It is all in pretty decent condition. If you like, i can sell it to you for £50 on the London ride.

meh sory mate ill pass, this is a good deal, someone should get this

Why is it so cheap?

I wonder if the koxx ends up being lighter after you factor in the aluminum seatpost that you’d have to switch to. either way, we’re splitting hairs.

It’s hot! But don’t need it, so why i writing here? :S

where is the wheel? :thinking:

Hey Sponge!

I spoke to Leo about this and he is interested in the frame. How much would you want for just the frame? He said he likes his seat and dosent want to change it.

Rock on!

Hmm, i’m not sure Edd,

If he’s gonna buy the frame, then he might as well have the clamp and post to go with it, as his older uni’s parts won’t fit I don’t think…

Tbh, it’s cheap enough as it is, surely having a spare saddle won’t hurt? Your little bro who posted on the London Uni meet thread might like it as a little something for his uni even!

An opportunity like this doesn’t come often!

If Leo’s still interested, then I’ll clean everything up and do a quick check on the bolts and nuts, to ensure everything’s dandy for when he gets it :wink:


Il will ask him about it, although I don’t know. He is pretty skint at the mo!

Rock on!

I’m interested in this and will happily pay postage. PM me to set something up. Get the ball rolling.


Sold to DarkTom,

sorry Edd and Leo. The offer Tom made was a more attractive option as he wanted everything instead of just the frame, and it was not clear whether or not Leo wanted everything or not, as selling the frame itself would be futile for myself.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused guys! :frowning:

Leo, if you’re still interested in a frame, then PM me, I’ll tell you what else I have.

No problem mate!
I have to give leo a boot up the ass to get him to give me any straight answers! If he really wanted it, it will teach him to be quicker and not to piss around in future! Lol!

Sounds harsh, but thats the way he is. If you’ve ever met him you will know what I mean!

Bloody siblings!

Rock on!


i would buy it all if i didnt live in arizona. is anyone selling a koxx one saddle or kh fusion saddle?

It’s been sold mate.

Bought by me.:smiley: