For Sale: QU-AX 24" Muni with Magura HS33 (UK)

I am getting into trials and have purchased a 20", so now my muni is surplus to requirement. I’d love to keep both, but my toy box (spare room, garage, shed etc) is heaving under the strain.

Paid about £270 off UDC earlier this year. It’s in mint condition, with a few scuffs to the saddle bumper as to be expected. The pedals are Primo Tenderizer-style with a concave platform, so are well comfy. They’ve got the usual scrapes and I’ve had to replace a couple of pins, but this only adds to their character. They are gold coloured so they match the hub and saddle (“pimping” - I think is the term).

Am selling with both a DMR MOTO RT street tyre and the massive 24x3.0 Leopard off-road tyre that it came with.

The Magura HS33 brake is in premium working order, the lever has suffered no abuse whatsoever. The pads have plenty of life in them from hardly ever having been used.

I’ll accept the nearest offer to £180 GBP, will accept cash or Paypal (credit card premium seller account) and will consider shipping to most places in the world (excluding Italy or war zones), or deliver it myself within 50 miles of Gatwick.

Please PM me for details, I will send photos upon request, work out shipping etc and answer any questions you may have.


Might wana come down on the price abit :wink:

are you serious?

its come 90 pounds for only a few scratches. great deal i hope somebody snaps this up.

I think there is an offer on it :wink:

thejdw, the offer you have described is for an entirely different unicycle.

The model which I have for sale is this one which is a better spec than the one on the link you have posted.

You will also note on my original post that I will accept the nearest offer to £180, which therefore means the purchase price is negotiable.

With all due respect, please check your facts before posting.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: