[For Sale] PSP and then some

I am looking to sell a PSP with a case, some game cases, A 514Mb memory card, 3 games (Lumines, Metal Gear Acid, and Darkstalkers Chronicle, all very fun), Spiderman 2, a wall plug, a USB charger and transfer chord, and the original Headphones. I am looking for $400. Some of the money could be dropped out for a BC wheel or good saddle (CF, or gel).

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good luck with that sir

why do you say that?

400$ is alot… you gotta consider that most ppl here well I think have a paypal account… so they can buy off of ebay… and even there… a psp bundle is 300$ with 1 game… and each games r like 50$…

so one with 3 games would cost $400. I’m not afraid of breaking up the bundle either if someone just wants to buy the PSP

how much for the psp only ?

$250, but I would prefer to sell all of it at once, or at least as much as I can sell.

im interested but $250 is what they are new, why would i pay full price for a used one?

Gamespot also has mentioned that Sony is going to drop the retail price to $199 this summer.

I’ll be throwing in a bunch of cords, and game cases. Anyway if someone wants the complete set I’ll take $350 for it. The memory card alone is worth about $80. Also I already put some SNES games on there(including uniracers), I can leave them on if you would like.

ill take the game cases, the memory card and spiderman2 how much you want for all that?


how much for like any of that stuff seperatly?
cause i might want to mix and match stuff at random

These prices aren’t set in stone, once you have decided what you want just PM me and I’ll give you a price.