FOR SALE: Profile wheelset

I am selling this Profile wheelset. It is a black hub with 160mm cranks and a Dyno Fireball tire. It has a new Nokian 3" tube. It has new Profile 1 5/8" bearings.
This has been sitting around my garage since I started using the Muniac hub.
The whole set up is in excellent condition.

$300 plus shipping. PM if you’re interested.

I’ll link a few photos.

  • Frank

So you decided to sell it after all? Someone buy it, profile wheels rock! How ironic, a month and a half after I got mine…

I tried to change the title of the Album after I had posted the links and I screwed things up.
I’ll post them again. Ignore the “SOLD” in the links, it refers to the Coker that is in the same album.

Yeah, I just wanted to be sure. I’ve got one more set (26")which I will be hanging on to.

  • Frank

I have to admin Frank, it IS tempting to give you more of my money. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would kick me out. One small cottage, too many unicycles.

BTW, did I mention I’ll be using your coker for the California Coast Classic? (California Coker Classic?)


is that 24" or 26" ?

It’s a 24" Alex DX32 rim with a 24x3 Fireball. The wheel is a 4cross spoke pattern and was proffessionally built.

  • Frank

how much would shipping cost be to wisconsin? would you take 280 w/ shipping included?

Question # 1. Not sure but probably less than $20.

Question # 2. No. :smiley:

  • Frank

I understand. You could always build an addition :wink:

  • Frank

how about 300 and you pay shipping?

Please don’t take this the wrong way but the price is 300.00 plus shipping. It’s a good price, if it’s more than you want to pay that’s okay.

  • Frank

it’ll be a good enough price, check you PM