(for sale) Profile trials

$150 bucks. Injury put it in storage, and that’s not cool. You ride it! Annapolis area MD (410) 937-2345

Nice uni.

You cranks looks sooooo long. Is it 140mm or 150mm cranks ?
Do you remember the width of the rim (looks like in thirty-ish) ?
And what tire is it ? THe good old Creepy Crawler or one of its buddies ?


I’m not sure…I think 140. Arrow Racing Rim.

Luna Tire.

Thomson seat post.

Profiles are 145mm. I dont remember about that rim though, I think it was the same width as the DX32 (38mm) but much stronger from what I read about Arrow Racing rims.

sent you a pm:D

Uni still available for sale.

New tube.