For sale: Profile trials uni, with prototype Kris holm frame

Hey, i am selling my Profile uni. the specs are as fallows:
Profile hub (ridden by justin kohse during the filming of defect) and cranks (less then a year old perfect other then scratched), alex dx32 rim, brand new luna 2.5 wide tire, Brand new Try-all pedals, and this is where it gets sweet, a prototype Kris holm 06 frame (bare aluminum so sexy) handed to me personally by kris holm’s himself. a BBB single bolt seat post clamp, a try-all reinforced seat post, and a practicly brand new KH blue fusion seat (old design but barely used).
Seriously a great uni and really light for a profile uni, with both parts from justin kohse’s unicycle well filming defect and a prototype frame (no other one exsactly like it) personally handed to me by none other then kris holm’s himself.
$600 or best offer
you pay shipping.
it ship’s from Victoria B.C

Pics? what is that in usds?

victoria ,australia?wat
is B’.C

Probably British Colombia, Canada.

If you can’t get rid of this I’ll buy just the hub.

hey, yeah sorry it’s victoria B.C Canada. I will be posting pics tommorow or sat at the latest. not parting it out right now, and if i do i will probaly sell the wheelset whole. sorry but once you get down to bare parts it’s always impossible to find a buyer for everything.

i already have dibs on the whole thing but i think its bs to jack the price up because the hub was in a movie

UMMM, PDC will always take spare parts.

here are the pics PM me if your interested!

dude, thats the 07 frame!

well is it the 06 going to 07 proto frame or a 05 going to 06 proto frame?

and isnt $600 abit steep? since the 07 kris holm brand new is at $467? I dont mean to be nasty in any ways, i’m sure there is a good reason.

He’s probably jacking up the price for three reasons.

  1. They are profiles, although it probably doesnt still have life time warranty because its being sold online.

  2. The profiles were in a movie. Personaly, I thinks this is kind of a lame reason for up the price.

  3. Its supposedly a KH prototype frame, handed to him by Kris Holm.

yeha i guessed that, but i thought the profiles lifetime warranty didnt work on unicycles anymore?

And i mean i didnt think film uni’s were a wanted item… but anyways… if someone wants it then good for him

Nice new parts Bryan! She’s never looked better. It’s a shame she has to go.


it’s the 06 protype frame, it was handed to me by kris. addtionally it’s a well kept uni and to build it i spent like 900 dollars. these aren’t cheap parts. anywho if you want it PM me, and please notice i am taking offers. that being said i have a buyer once he gets back from japan who said if i don’t sell it by then he will buy it saddly i am impaintent. so it’s only on sale until then.
p.s ha ha… yeah sean she is finally leaving… sponsership is good in some ways and bad in others. so many crazy things landed on this uni…

Whoops that’s in canadian dollars… so that’s like 510 USD. forgot about currency exchange… i think that’s why everyone thought it was really expensive

Oh. didnt JKohse break his profiles in defect?

those were on a 24.

yes he did break his profile crank arm in defect but the hub is completly fine. and the cranks are diffrent ones bought by me.

right right… i am now dropping the price to 480 USD, seriously one of the best unicycle set-ups for strength and the lightest set-up one can get with Profiles!
i will not take any lower bids and please keep post’s relating to buying this uni.
thanks agian