For Sale: Profile hub. UK sale only! Incl. FREE odyssey JC sealed pedals

Selling a Profile hub, perfect working order, except that one of the flanges is ever so ever so slightly curled. It still is buildable, and can still work perfectly fine.

I willl include with it, absolutely FREE of charge:

Crank removal tool
Countersunk bolts
Imperial sized allen key
Antiseize compound
best of all: Odyssey JC Sealed pedals!

All of the pieces are in perfect working order. and I only ask £60 including postage and packaging for this, which is a steal, considering Profile hubs alone cost more than double the price. And for UK riders, this is an easy way to get one, as they are rather hard to get hold of outside USA.

£60 posted for a Profile Hub, all the spares and tolls necessary, and a free set of Odyssey JC sealed pedals? Things like this don’t come often, hurry, and you might just find yourself a bargain. :wink:

Thumbs up!

Andy says: Great Deal!

Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting a year and a half for a used profile hub to come on the market and you’ll only sell to the UK?

I’m going to go into a corner and cry.

I bet hell let you pay for shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow thats an awesome deal… i’m really tempted… but i really dont need it LOL


Might add a few more goodies to the deal. :slight_smile:

Well, to be honest, all you need for it is cranks, as everythign else is included. The cranks are easy to get in UK whereas the hub isn’t. ALL the special tools for it are included as are the small pieces for the hubset. All you’ll need is a rim, spokes, a good wheelbuilder, a crankset, and there’s an entire Profile wheel for you for cheap, incl. those £55 Odyssey sealed JCs. :wink:

Goo on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bumpety Bump.

are the cranks included? if so what lenth?

The cranks aren’t included sorry, thus I haven’t said cranks were included in the first post.

However, the cranks are relatively easy to get hold of in UK, if you want the length for Muni, I’m sure that you can do some searching on BMX forums and such.

bump. still for sale

figure out shipping to the USA and wether or not it’d be worth it and I might take it off your hands.