FOR SALE: Pristine Summit Trials

Details Here

will you sell just the frame and brake

i’ll take the tyre, rim and spokes.

Careful dealing with Jag. He’s going to try to trade for his duplicate Mah Jong tiles. :wink:

Anybody want the valve cap?:slight_smile:

I’m selling this complete.

I was THAT close to saying that a minute ago.:slight_smile:

whatever, pepper shaker man.


having trouble ditching it? when your ready to part it out…we are hear.

Dang, the saddle, seatpost and brake are VERY tempting…

I was thinking of sellig MY trials the other day, but decided to scrap that idea.

I’ll trade you my trials for yours!

ok, who wants the pedals,cranks and hub.we have almost got this thing takin down like it sould be. no one wants the whole thing since its complete Summit over-kill.

We Are Here.

Anyone claim the rim strip yet?