FOR SALE: Pristine Summit Trials

Due to my aquiring a couple of other unis, something had to go. I bought this from Krashin Kenny a few months ago. It’s near perfect and ridden little. I haven’t spent 5 minutes on it since I got it. Rare to find a Summit in this good condition. The white paint job is beautifully done and near perfect. There are no scatches on the cranks. The tire still has the hairs. The spokes are tensioned, and the wheel is true. I’m selling it for the same as I paid. $325 delivered to your door step. (in the US).


Pristine Tire

Magura Brake

how much and will you sell just the frame and brake

I’ll back pdc up on this one. I sold it because I found out I really had no use for a trials uni. This uni is like new. I doubt if anybody interested will find a nicer Summit for this price!!!:smiley:

BTW, the specs on it can be found here:

ahhh, i really want this uni. I have the money, but my parents say i cant buy another till i get idling down, gahh! Ill keep practicing. Maybe it wont be sold by the time i get it down.


Tell your parents that it is easier to learn to idle on a good qualiity trials uni such as this one:D :wink:

Would it be shipped assembled?


I would just take off the pedals and pull the seat post. Everything else would remain intact.

i PM’ed krashin kenny when he was shipping it, but you had ‘first dibbbs’ and i had 2nd so im still interested. and i just noticed this thread. im very interested. how do you except pay? and i have the money. PM me about it, because i probably wont check this thread much anymore. i havent been to this site much lately just to stop on for a sec and get off. thanks. and hopefully this time my chances are still good. haha. :smiley:

What does a trials need a brake for?