[For Sale] - parts

all prices are in canadian currency…

  • 24" united frame/chrome: $25
  • 24" Yuni Muni frame- was chrome but i painted it green and its all chipped still a solid frame though: $30
    -Brand new 24" gazzolodi Muni tire: $65
    used pair of KH/Onza cranks, left one is fine, right one is tweaked pretty badly, but is still perfectly rideable: $50 ( dont come with hardware)
  • i have 2 perfectly good left profile cranks both chrome: $50 each ( no hardware)
    -661 neopreme shin guards, kind like lizard skins, they just cover your shins though. little banged up but such a nice street pad: $35

im pretty loose about the prices so everythings negotiable.
let me know whatcha guys think.


Yuni Muni frame is sold

What is the length of the KH/Onza cranks? Also would you have a photo?

no, i dont have a photo.

but they’re 165mm’s.


are you paying shipping?

depends on the item and where its going too

i would’ve bought the 24" but i just got fired.

united frame to K7M 8L2 Kingston Ontario Canada

well for me to send that to you, it would cost me the same amount as the frame. So why would i do that? if you payshipping ill send the frame. Other wise i make no $


why would i do that when i can get a brand new bedford for 55? lol

cauz that frame has history ? it’s been in defect… and ur bedford frame for 55$ dosent include shipping

well thats ok,

i dont think that this deal will work, cause i make no $