[For Sale] Original model Torker DX - street unicycle

For sale is an original model Torker DX purchased in December 2004 and only riden a few times. The unicycle is in excellent condition, almost like new. It has been stored indoors and is very clean. This unicycle is not like the newer Torker DX trials model unicycles. This original Torker DX model is similar to the Torker LX except that it has a splined hub, wider frame and metal pedals. This unicycle would make a good “street” unicycle. The frame is wide enough that it could hold a fatter trials-style tire.

I am asking $100 which includes shipping to any of the “lower 48” states. Will sell and ship only in the USA. Will sell for $80 locally if shipping is not required. Will accept personal checks but will allow time for the check to clear the bank before shipping the unicycle.

More information and photos here.

This has a 20-inch wheel.


are the cranks pretty much the same as the newer dx’s?

Not sure what cranks are on the newer DX’s. See photo for cranks and pedals on this DX.


Thats an awesome deal on a really great uni I hope someone who needs it picks this up.

Thats a really sweet deal. The cranks are the same ones as on the new DX and that rim is double walled. $100 is a steal.

What Size Tire?

What is the width of the tire on the Uni now?

Can it handle a 2.5?

Would this be a good entry level into the trials realm?


Seeing as it’s a 20" wheel, I don’t think you’ll find a 2.5" tyre to fit it (diameter wise), but you can get 2.4s, although as the rim is not a trials rim, the tyre will fold.

As he said, it would be a good street uni but you won’t get much bounce out of the current tyre.

The existing (original equipment) tire is 2.125 inches. The horizontal distance between the forks is just over 3 inches. The distance between the top of the tire and the bottom of the frame is just over an inch. See photo. Measurements are approximate using a tape measure.

I am not a trials expert, however, I would say the unicycle “as is” would not be a good trials unicycle. I do not know if you could find a 2.5 inch tire that would fit this rim.


i would make those pedals my biatch

This unicycle has been sold to a buyer from New York.