[For Sale or Trade USA,NJ] - Nimbus 29"

Just like this one: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/bymanufacturer/nimbus/nimbus-29-inch-touring-unicycle-with-isis-hub-red.html

1 year old, with about 20 miles on it.
Prefer to deal local - NY, NJ.
If not sale I’d exchange it for something smaller, ~20" of comparable quality.

What cranks are on it, is it the Qu-Ax ISIS 125mm cranks?

Just checked, Qa-Ax ISIS 125mm - just as you said

i know its not the same quality but similar.
torker lx with red primo tires and red animal cranks.
i can give you some cash on that too

How much?

How much are you asking for it and can you ship it?

Are you in ny/nj and what is the size of your torker 20, 24?

I really do not want to ship, sorry

I’m in North Jersey and I’m looking for something bigger than my 20". 29" seems like a big jump but if the price is right I would go for it.

I’d rather buy than trade, my 20" is a pretty cheap Sun, and I’m not looking to get rid of it just yet.

Let me know if you still have it and what you’re looking to get for it!

no i am in cali…
if you are willing to ship, how much you want on top of it?