[For Sale or Trade] Parts 24" bedford uni

I have a 24" that i no longer need nor want but its up for parts cause the seat is sold and there are no cranks. wheel set is an Alex dx32 laced with a UDC chromo hub with DT Champ spokes, frame is a 24" bedford thats in good shape, 24" Holley Roller. Give me some offers. pics to come.
Edit: I need a 19" rim for my K1 as well so i will trade. Thanks

also have a 26" WTB Dual Duty 28mm rim for sale


frame is the 60$ 24" 3" powder coated black… bump

How Much you asking for the Holly Roller?


cant get them uploaded but give me your email and i will send them to you

pics were sent to your email address

Hey can ya post some pics so I can see what we are dealin with here? Im lookin for possibly exactly what you have there…by the way…strange question, but how many spokes does the hub have exactly? 36 parchance??


sorry erik for some reason the pictures are not working but they are on my gallery and the hub is a 36 hole. the seat i think is still pending and the tire is pending possibly to? didnt get an offer yet though.
pics: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=284404
EDIT: if you need better pictures let me know and ill send them

if unikid doesnt take the tire and beener doesnt take the seat without cranks i think 150$ is more then fair. i paid 100$ more then that new and it is still like new, very little scratches, wheel is true and straight and the tire has very little wear. hub is still straight, the fusion sattle has a little bit of scrapes on the from handle because it was a started uni so it would fall lots when i was starting out lol

Hey, thanks for the pics. How Much do you want for the Tire. im in.

Hey “G”, if you can sell the seat in a full-meal-deal, go right ahead man. I can find a seat from Darren or somewhere.

No big dealio. Thanks for the offer though.

Like twenty five shipped?

answerd 2 days erlyer. i woulda picked it up. too late now sprry…

darn… well if you still want it its 25 shipped

ill have to pass


how much for the cranks

read first thread there are no cranks.