For Sale or Trade my 150m Venture 2 ISIS cranks

Hi, I just got my muni today, and I want to change my cranks to something a step down.

I would want to trade my venture 150m ISIS cranks for your 138 venture ISIS cranks, KH 137, or 125/150 spirit cranks (I would of course pay extra)

My cranks are brand new, and has 100ft of use. Literally. Most likely less than that. Rode once back and fourth on a full court for basketball.

If you want to buy them I am offering $45 shipped to the USA.

okay, I couldn’t really wait so I ordered myself a pair of 127/150s,

I am now trying to sell this near new venture 150 crank 45 shipped, or trade for some other stuff like handle bars, brake parts for my muni. Of course I will throw money to even things out.

  • I also have a brand new nimbus gel seat in black never used. Took it off right after I assembled my muni with a freeride seat! 45$ shipped to the usa. or again want to trade for parts!