{for sale or trade} BC wheel (no platforms)

14mm axle on a Schwinn SX hub. the rim i think is a Schwinn too, 48 black spokes. the hub has four sealed bearing cartridges in it (2 on each side) so its very strong and wont get sloppy.

just add some platforms of your choice and a tube/tire and its instanty a BC wheel.

$10 bucks plus $10 shipping to the lower 48 states.

will trade for the right GBA games. or twords an Alex DX 19" rim/wheel what-ever.


Will you trade for a 16" Torker CX? What about Crazy Taxi gamecube game? Name a good gba game and I’ll see if I have it.

sure. you pay to ship it here and i’ll pay to ship the wheel there.

PM me with your address to confirm.

so whats the deal Tyler? its been over 24 hours and you havent PM’ed me yet with where to send my wheel or to ask my address.

Golden sun Lost age (I think thats what it is called) and orginal golden sun. Wario Ware Inc. Sonic Advanced two? Thats all

do you have boxes, manuals with any of those? how about the maps that came with the Golden sun games?

no boxes but i do have the map to the first golden sun

one map is better than no maps…so lets make a deal.

ok another deal has just fallen threw :roll_eyes:

the wheel is still available to anyone who has $20 bucks or some GBA games to offer.

I’d be interested, if you’d be willing to hold on to it until I move back to school in August.

at 20 + shipping ( no more than $10) i hope its not around till August but thanx for your interest.

ill take it off your hands, i have a 26" Chrom Yuni framei can trade u for it. fits a gazz.

let me know,

p.s. i live in Canada, Vancouver isalnd, will that be a problem for shipping?

i have no need for a 26" frame, sorry.

no longer 4 sale…loser say what?