For Sale or Trade: 661 Dually size 42.5

I am selling a used pair of 661 Dually shoes with the Taki rubber soles and medial ankle protection. The shoes grip the pedals great but i don’t like the way they fit my foot. They are size 9.5 or 42.5 . I have used them since may of this year. There is some slight pedal wear on the soles and the ankle area is showing some slight abrasion. I think i paid around $60 for them new and have worn them only for muni since purchase. I would be glad to pass them on for $20 plus shipping or any interesting uni trade of equal value. Anyone interested??

I have a pair for sale as well. I’ll have to check the size if anyone is interested but doesn’t wear a 42.5
These shoes are great ankle protectors, have great support, and grip extremely well. Definately worth it!

Anyone want to sell me a pair of 12s or 13s?

if they’re a 41 or 40 i may buy the second offered pair.

I’d buy the others, but my feet are too small.