For Sale or Trade: 2007 KH20 for Coker


So, I have a 2007 Kris Holm KH20 Wheel, with a 2004 Kris Holm KH20 frame. Wellgo Pedals, and KH Fusion Saddle.

Nothing is bent, everything is perfect. Practically no scratches, like new. Comes with a Maxxis Creepy Crawler with good tread still. I am going to ask $480 OBO. You pay shipping.

OR, I will trade that same setup for a 36" wheel.

So tell me what you think/got.

I will post pics later.


(I am selling it because, I am not all that crazy about trials anymore)

You should stop changing your mind!
You had a 29", which you traded for a KH, which now you want to trade for a 36er. :thinking:

a 29" and 36" are two completly different things, a 36 is massive compared to a 29". I could 180 unispin a 29" but there would be NO way I could to a 36".


Well I would need someone to buy the wheel, and I need it to add up to what I could sell it for whole.


really want/need new frame.

Hmmm, you offer me something.

50 bucks.

lol, never.

you can get them new from darren for 99.
im sure this one is scratched and worn quite a bit.

I don’t care, it is worth every bit of $50 to me, so I wouldn’t sell it. I rather give it to a friend than sell it for that much.

“Nothing is bent, everything is perfect. Practically no scratches, like new.”
To me that does not warrant half off of the original price.

how much then. I asked wht you wanted. I mnot going to just come out with 200$$$ . (thats wayyyyyyyyyyy to much by the way)

Im negotioating.

Then I want to sell it whole.

Anyone intrested?


wow. i just realized the price of it whole.
wow. just wow.

Better than Bedfords price and UDC, and this is OBO.

really. you could get all this from bedford for more your saying? used.
if you bought all this used form bedford.

You all may as well go get a new KH for this price.

what does OBO mean?

or best offer