(for sale or trade) 20" Gravity uni

hey i have a gravity unicycle for sale, but first i wanna know what i could get out of a trade for a DX. questions just post em up here, i have pictures i will post in a while.

never heard of “gravity” unicycles
do you have pix? or stats (i.e. size, spline/non, etc)


why do you want to sell/trade is there something wrong with your gravity cycle

there is nothing wrong with it, its just a starter uni, and i dont want to destroy it by trying stuff on it. its just a basic 20’’ unicycle. plain jane, but it will hold up to like street riding im sure, i wanna do trials…

post some pictures and what u want for it

here she is…

you know… it does help if u actually post the picture…

lol, I never figured the trading forum was so funny, I’m going to read this more often :wink:

i wouldn’t sell it for no more ten $20(us) because i had one of rmy first unicycle and i think my dad only paid like $40 plus shipping on ebay

I wouldn’t pay anything for it without a picture.

I’ll trade you a UDC bumper sticker for it…

hehe ill trade u a tub of yoghurt for it