For Sale:Onza/KH Splined 24" MUni

I’m selling my MUni with the following specs:

  • '04 Onza frame
  • '04 Onza splined hub
  • KH drilled rim
  • KH reinforced alloy steat post
  • under saddle brake mount
  • NOS Magura HS22 recently installed
  • SW brake extenders
  • KH fusion freeride saddle
  • Cateye Enduro 8 computer
  • Onza 165mm splined cranks Salsa lip lock seat post clamp
Everything is in great condition. Included will be the 24X3 Gaz as shown or a much less worn Duro. Approximate weight as pictured is 14.5 lbs. $300 + actual shipping from NC area code 28739. [img][IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/img]

Photos didn’t seem to attach. I’ll try again.

I’m very interested, how do we communicate?

Sending a PM would probably be best.

dang, this is such a good deal!

Wow that is one gorgeous uni. 14.5 lbs seems light too, especially if a trials cycle is 12 lbs. I’m fairly interested also so if the deal with twolfe doesn’t go through I’ll see if i can scrounge up the cash for it.

I’ll take third dibs after timekeeper.

I sent twolfe a shipping estimate and am waiting to hear back. I’ll let you know if the deal goes through. By the way, shipping to CA is about $45 by UPS Ground.

Just to update - I’m fairly positive I can buy the uni, so just PM me if necessary. Thanks.

Is it sold yet as of Monday a.m. 10/13/08. That looks like a great muni. I am very intereseted. I can send you my e-mail if interested. I live in Wisconsin

Sale is pending with twolfe. Thanks everyone for your interest.