[For Sale] Only 3 UPD shirts left!!!

Hey there, I 'm just letting you all know, that there is only 3 of these awesome shirts left. I may never reprint this design, so you should act fast and buy now.

All 3 shirts are Adult Large.
The shirts cost $20USD, and I’ll ship them anywhere in the US/Canada for free. Anywhere else in the world is 10-15 extra.

Be sure to snag them now, before they are gone… possibly forever!!!

I neeeed one of these shirts!!!

But I just paid you for a frame. Can I get you to hold one for me. You know my paypal account is good for the dough. Let me know if this is possible, Beener

I can hold it for a little while, sure.

lol beener it prob seems like i’m chasing your post’s but i think i might like one of thoughs t’s to. can you hold one for me aswell? thanks

Hey Catboy, I will send you a paypal payment for two shirts by Wednesday of this week. Apparently, hagbag is now hooked on unicycling and needs a shirt as well.

The swearing fish thing is one of SNFU’s older albums. I went to the concert at the old Point Douglas Punk Club in Winnipeg…

cool, does this mean i get the last one?

All the shirts are SOLD.

well catboy, i have an abunance of ideas if you want some…
one or two free shirts from print is all i ask. :smiley:

i love mine though. just washed it and it has that noice warm just-outta-the-dryer umm… warmth…