for sale, one of my last unis

Im selling my 2005 kh 24 with profile wheelset. PLEASE BUY!! Its collecting dust! anyway 775-750-1474.

Pics please? And how much? :smiley:

terry…Dont you already have 2 rockin cool Munis?? Not that you shouldnt buy this one but do you really need 3?:smiley:

Still like to see it. I wouldn’t rule out buying another one! Just to have it as a backup…if the price is right! Crank length isn’t an issue for me; I can ride equally well with 150’s or 165’s. I don’t really care. However, if it turns out that zak’s kh has 150’s, then that’s cool. My freeride has 165’s, soi I’ll have BOTH sizes at my disposal!

what length cranks? I’m interested.

I really hope your not offended by this…So here goes, your riding isnt hardcore enough to need any other Munis as backups if you get profile…:smiley:

Btw, is that a freeride or the XC? Please give full specs and any other upgrades asap. Thanks! (Congrats on M O C!)

No, but it will be! (Not “offended” at all! :smiley: )And I can afford it, so what the heck! In fact, I’m gonna be buying a few more including the Koxx Trak monster!:smiley: :smiley:
Maybe instead of the phrase, “backup”, I should have used something different, like…I like to have a variety of different unis so I can ride a different one every day!! How’s that?

Oh so are you destined to have every Muni on the market? Good luck to you…And Zacks uni would be the freeride…The XC wouldnt stand up to his riding.

I have an idea, why not a 26" or 29er? You don’t need 3 godamn 24" munis.

edit: sorry, that sounded meaner than I thought it would.

get a 26" KH though. Those are cool.

Cool ur jets little man…Im sure Terry will let you"try" one of his Munis some day:D

Yes, it must be my “destiny.” Wow…maybe it IS! :sunglasses: Be a hellava cool collection, wouldn’ tit?:stuck_out_tongue:

That would be kindof cool now you mention it.

I belive it would.

Someday when I’m old…whoops-I AM old! :astonished: …maybe I will build a special “Muni-Museum” to house all 1,087 of my munis! Every conceivable make, upgrade, custom jobs, you name it! $5 a head to take the tour…I can see it now! :smiley:

thatwould be funny

I would have a special display for the world’s tiniest muni…4" wheel, but the rim’s 80mm wide and tales a 6" wide tire! It’s called a Puni-Muni!:smiley:

That would be so awsome!

perhaps we should start a seprate thread though…Zacks sale has gotten very off topic:P

  1. This is Zack Baldwin we’re talking about. It will be the farthest ever from an XC. I bet it has 170’s.

2.“There is no such thing as too many unicycles”.

  1. Zack, ride more!