For sale on Gumtree Tasmania Australia

Seems a good price for those in the area or who are willing to pay for shipping.

Not connected with seller.

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but it seems that the seller is mistaken about the original price and saying it was $1700 although sells it new for $850.

The current Australian cost is $1295. Maybe there was some tax or shipping cost??
Their asking price of $850 sounds like a good deal.

However, Tasmania is an island, not a lot of people live there on the island (approx 550k if I Google), so there’s a fair chance whoever buys it would have to ship it.
Australia Post may not accept it to post (I tried to post a disassembled 36er last year and it was rejected - still too big), so you may need to courier it.

If you can put it in a box 90x80x30-34cm, domestic budget postage Hobart to Sydney is $166!

Any bigger and it exceeds volume limits

Same sized box 80x90x30 via e-go courier (I put in for 11kg to err on the side of caution). $120.

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Yeah it’s a good deal, I want it myself but I don’t need it so I’ll have to pass. It is tempting as hatchets are so popular too. I do see a lot of posts about people asking to buy them.

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