[For Sale] Nimbus X Freestyle Uni

I have had this unicycle since december of 2005. I used it from december till april when i got my KH 20. This was my learner uni.

I’ll post pictures if there is any interest in it. I’d let it go fo 80 bucks + shipping.


id li ke to see some pictures, im very interested

thats funny i had a nimbus x as my “first uni”, then i also got a kh20 and i too am selling both of mine! haha. well good luck with the sale.

still available?

is the uni still available? what size is it?


Post Pics Please! Also, where are you for shipping purposes?

sorry guys, i have given up trying to sell stuff on here. All that has happened is that people say they are gonna buy it then a week later tell me “nevermind” . if i’m gonna still sell it, i will sell it locally. Atlanta Georgia area. Thanks again.


try ebay and post a link here