For Sale-Nimbus X 20-inch with ISIS hub

send me some pictures my email is acid-trip@live. com

its still for sale.

that is nice unicycle how much would shipping be to 08050?
I am serious, need a new freestyle

$10-15 dollars.

the uni is still for sale.

its still for sale.

looks a little bent in the first picture. Post another closer up to the crown.

PM me if interested.:smiley:


I will give you 110 pluse shipping.

I will take it off your hands free of charge???

Only serious offers please.:smiley:

oh sorry and bump

its still for sale i was going to sell it to my uncle but he remembered he has no balance and then i forgot to reopen the thread.

I’ve always wanted one of those but I only want a black one. I plan on having an all uni with blue accents on the tire and seat. Good luck selling it.:slight_smile: It looks very nice.

thanks.:smiley: :smiley:

i might have a guy interested in full price. i’ll talk to him monday so if you haven’t sold it yet i’ll let you know what he says.

That would be great.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

thing is i bet he’d rather get a trials. but i’ll see.