For Sale-Nimbus X 20-inch with ISIS hub

Nimbus Freestyle

I am selling an expert freestyle Nimbus X 20-inch with ISIS hub. It is very lightly used, has only a few scratches an absolutely no rust. It looks like there is a little wear on the saddle, but that’s how it came in the mail when I bought it brand new. This is only cosmetic, and does not effect the padding. Two months ago I upgraded the cranks to 114mm Qu-ax ISIS.

This uni comes with an upgraded tire “Primo - The Wall” 20x1.85 black. It also comes with an unused stock tire, which is a white Kenda Kikzumbut 20x1.95 and replacement pedal pins.

Asking $180 + shipping. This uni goes for $250 stock brand new, and I added upgraded tire, new pedals and cranks.

Nimbus Unicycle with:

Black Nimbus Gel Saddle

Wheel Size - 20"

Crank Arm Length - 114mm

Qu-Ax Lightweight ISIS Cranks

Pedal Type - Primo Tenderizer Platform

48 Spoke count

Cycle Weight - 14 lbs








Trade you an 05 torker dx.

send me some pics and ill think about it my email is

Already sent it.

Or if you just want to buy the DX that’s cool too.

sorry not interested.:smiley:

my uni is still for sale.

will consider offers.:smiley:

i will consider any offer.

Consider it.

50? I know it’s worth more:(

Ill trade you for a giraffe.

send me some pictures my email is acid-trip@live. com

Trade you my dx trials, it is nice.

How about it?

I sent them.
you might have to copy and paste the url into your broswer if they dont show up in the email.


I will pay 90.00 plus shipping

Could you amuse me and check what shipping would be to a residential address at 61350?

Consider me semi serious. I probably shouldn’t be buying another uni, but this could be a hella sweet deal.

no thank you.:smiley:

the shipping would be $20-25.

the shipping would be $20-25.

sorry computer malfunction did not mean it to post that many times.