Both the Oregon and the trials 2015 impact gravity will be on eBay 7:15 pacific time Sunday May 8th. Both in great condition. Selling eBay only. Great price check it out.

Both are in great condition. Check out the price :money_mouth_face: This Sunday may 8th… They are both priced almost half the going price new. The Oregon comes with some xtra fatty tires almost the cost of buying the uni! Plus the expensive studded tire…

may want to post the links here.

Thanks, links coming Sunday when they become active on eBay around 7:15 pacific.

Sounds like you’re getting ready to upgrade to the new Hatchet… :smiley:

Just kidding Caps,
I’ll definitely pass the word about the Oregon to my brother , :)thanks

I wish! Just thinning the heard.

Herd! Spellchecker. Lol impact gravity 2015 Nimbus Oregon

Only 3 days left. Dont miss out on two great uni’s!

Tonight Sunday the 15th. Oregon and impact gravity eBay auction over! Don’t miss out on two awesome unicycles!

Both sold!