For Sale: Nimbus ll ISIS Muni

Hello all,

I’ve decided to sell my Nimbus ll Muni. I just seriously don’t ride it enough.

But everything is in awesome condition ! 2 small scratches on the frame, a few small scratches on the rim from hanging it on a hook, and and the tire is like new ! I bought it for around $330 new from but then I upgraded the pedals and saddle, so i’m asking $330 OBO. :slight_smile:

Here are the specs…

  • 06 KH Fusion saddle (trimmed foam, really comfy)
  • Nimbus 25.4 extra thick seatpost
  • Nimbus doublebolt seat clamp
  • Nimbus ll frame chrome
  • Nimbus ISIS Hub
  • KH Moment Cranks 150mm
  • 05 KH Rim 42mm wide
  • Duro Wildlife Leopard tire 24 x 3.00
  • Wellgo B37 sealed pedals

I’ve got some photos from the day I got it. The only difference is that the frame doesn’t have the stickers on it, and in the photo it has DX pedals. I will try to take some updated photos tomorrow, but really it looks the same.



i can

i can give you like maybe 300 total with shipping i am in Colorado were you at?

its a good looking uni

i don’t think you’ll quite get that much for it but it is in great condition.

I assume he’d get 330+, no visible scratches, great looking uni. If only I had the money…

Isaac, try buying a small piece of carpet to wrap around the hook you put that unicycle on. That would take care of the scratches. Good luck on selling it!

How many unicycles do you have?

Thanks hungry4uni :slight_smile: Yeah, it’s in really good condition.

Currently I have 4…


Option 1:

For anyone in Canada - $330 firm w/free shipping

Option 2:

For anyone in the US - $330 OBO, YOU pay shipping

You can either MSN/Email me at, or you can send me a PM.

Thanks !


it’s a really nice Muni. If only i had 330$…


Prices are cheaper now.

OBO 250. Its used. Its Nimbus.

They’re $292.00 brand new without Moment cranks.

Mine has Moments, a KH seat, and sealed Wellgo B37s.

What’s that supposed to mean, It’s Nimbus…?

It’s just as much KH as it is Nimbus.


Its a used Nimbus. Thats what im saying.

Dont be offended when you say obo and someone gives you offer. You were asking for it. And in my eyes, its not worth $330 at all. A few small upgrades, no way. At that price, I can save up for another few days and get a brand new KH.

I don’t want to get cheaper than that.


I’ll buy it when my check clears on the 6th or 7th…

Would you take $280 without the tire/tube? I’ll take the Go Bus/Train out to you and pick it up.

I responded to your PM.

I might be able to buy it.

PM sent

Is that $310 Canadian dollars or US? Because that actually makes a huge difference now. If its CAD and Jerrick’s offer was USD then he was pretty much offering what you were asking for it.