For Sale: Nimbus Gel Saddle, and KH Air Cussion

I am selling a nimbus Gel Saddle and an KH Air Cussion,

Nimbus Gel Saddle for $40(USA) Or Best Offer
Kris Holm Air Cussion $60(USA) Or Best Offer

Thanks, Pm me and stuff or post here. Yeah… Thanks!:smiley: :smiley:

Hmm. I paid $39 for my Nimbus Gel Saddle, 2 weeks ago, brand new from UDC.

I paid 39$ too

Yeah asking $40 is too much, ask $30 OBO

thats what i was thinkin, but or best offer works too… an or best offer is like anything thats an offer, if i decide its good or whatever… i had it priced at 30 but i made a last minute decision of like 40 OBO, terry said i should go higher before lowering it or something… yeahh…:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

whats the best you can do if i buy both?

umm… lets see… 80-85 or so?

i can probably do a least amount of 80, i wont go below that


Will you take a trade of some sort. I have a couple of frames and some BC plates for sale in another thread. If not, I would give you $40.00 for the KH Fusion Air.
Let me know. Thanks.

How much use has the air cussion seen? I might be interested if you dropped it to $50. The only problem is I have a BLUE nimbus right now and I’m debating how a red seat would look. But if it’ll save me some money I might just go with it. Let me think about it for a bit.

i’d give you $25 for the nimbus. (+shipping)

Well, i used to have it on my old uni. I cant really give a good definition on how much i used it. I mean, i rode it a lot, but nothings damaged on it, minus the bumpers. And yes i would drop it to 50 also.

hmm… Yeah, I will. PM me your address. Also, money order for payment. If you have any questions, just PM me also.

I’m thinking of keeping air saddle actually, because i might use it in summer for distance riding. maybe.


Alright, I’ll probably just buy another or wait for someone else to sell one. Thanks anyway though.