FOR SALE: Nimbus 36" Unicycle w/ T7 Handle/Airfoil Rim - $500

Nimbus 36" Unicycle w/ T7 Handle/Airfoil Rim

* Frame: Nimbus 36-inch CrMo twin-fork, powder-coated blue, with Magura brake bosses
* Bearing housings: machined, pitched for the extra-wide CrMo hub
* Hub: UDC extra-wide flange CrMo steel
* Bearings: sealed 17mm x 40mm
* Spokes: 36 x 12-gauge
* Rim: Airfoil double-walled rim
* Crank arms: 125mm
* Tire: Wheel TA pneumatic 4-ply, 36 x 2.25, rated to 32 psi
* Pedals: Snafu pedals with steel pins (unused) AND a spare set of plastic learner pedals
* Seat post: Cut to 6" - would fit height 5'6" to 6'1"
* Saddle: Nimbus Gel
* Handle: T7 touring handle

Sure its nice and everything but $500 for the starting bid?! That seems a little pricey? Or i dont know how much Cokers are really worth?:slight_smile:

Price for a new Nimbus w/ handle + shipping is roughly $640.00

Ohhh okay im sorry…And I hear that, that airfoil rim is supposed to be good and then the T7 handle…Yes its nice…Sorry.

i agree i thought it was a little pricey too in the begining but yea. okay.seems like a good deal now.

that sure is beautiful but there is no way i could afford it:(
hope you get what you want!

I have been looking for this exact uni for ages. Can you ship it to Toronto Canada?

Yeah, I think the shipping costs would be about the same.…m=330186331831

OK well if you havent sold it yet and if it doesnt sell on ebay then I am a definite buy at some point in the near future. I am selling my track bike and will be buying a nimbus as soon as that happens. Let me know if it doesnt sell.

just a bump for the buyer…you’ll love this cycle. I have one and ride it every day to and from work (4-5 mile round trip). It handles nicely and feels very sturdy compared to the standard single walled steel rim and single fork 36er. :slight_smile:

tl;dr version: you’ll love it

Just a heads up, somebody bid for it so you guys better get on e-Bay if you want this.

I bid for it

One day left!!!