For Sale - Nimbus 24" Muni/Cruiser

I think I’m a typical unicyclist. I bought a Nimbus 6 months ago, got hooked and kept buying unis and parts. I just bought a KH
Muni so I no longer need this one.

6 month old Nimbus ( wheelset. (Not used for drops bigger than 10" and not used many hours total) In excellent shape overall.

Brand new Nimbus frame - 0 miles

Choice of shown Flame tire (less than 1 mile) or lightly used Duro Wildlife (both are 3 x 24)

Shown KH seat (in excellent shape) or brand new Viscount knock off - for less $

Basic Welgo Pedals

150 Cranks

Picture links below

Nimbus Muni
Hub Tire Cool Flame Tread Front

how much? u.s. or canadian? :thinking:

I want $180 US + shipping or $160 with Viscount saddle


I might be interested.