FOR SALE: New Magura HS22

New Magura HS22 Never been mounted. $45 + Shipping

What color?

got any pics?

It’s at work. I’ll get pics up on Monday.


Sent you a PM back on the 12th Jag



Clearance Sale

Just Reduced - $45 including shipping to USA. :smiley:

Is the only difference of the older Magura HS22 and the Magura HS33 the fact that the HS33’s have the drag-brake red knob and the HS22’s don’t?

I think so. Just buy them already and slap them on that coker frame. You know you want them.

Yeah, if you go to the Magura site they tell that H22 and H33 parts are identical except for the lever mechanism.

I use a HS22 on my Coker.