(FOR SALE): New KH'07 24" frame

so im not digging the amount of clearence on this frame. Its a braind new frame, ive ised it about 3 times in total.

i see unicycle.com is selling theres for $199.00 us, since the canadian dollar is around par ( i think ). Id like to sell it for $120.

pretty firm on the price considering its a brand new frame. save yourself $70!'s



trade for a less clearance 06 frame? It has those little tube things on the crown for grip, but they can be easily ground down.

im looking to get a white russian, koxx-one frame.

The Koxx white russian has even less clearance they are designed to fit a 24x2.6" tire while the KH fits a 24x3.0" tire.


he wants less clearance

yeah that would be the reason:) im running the hol roller right now and its 2.4 wide. nice tire


Ahhh if you lived in the U.S. I would take that frame right now (frowny face)

i pay 100 usd!

Help a Brazilian Unicyclist


Why does it matter? Theres no duties or anything from from Canada to the US, its only the other way around.

Wait…for real?

from what i know, you just gotta pay shipping

Yes, for real. Its just the cost of shipping.