FOR SALE New 24" Torker DX Wheelset w/ Flame Tire

on Ebay

A tiny mistake:

What mistake? The Torker DX hub is a splined hub. Everything in the eBay description appears to be legit.



Time to use the " :o " emoticon.


Unless he was splined commenting on the splined overuse of the splined word splined in that splined part of the description.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Could be. I guess whether it was a mistake depends on if that was an intentional redundancy or an UPR – UnPlanned Redundancy.

So who’s going resolve this with a “question to seller”?

edit: Never Mind :o

UPR corrected

He’s using IE, a big mistake by my standards.

Mozilla for life.

wtf 90 US holy dam i want those but i thought they wuld be way cheaper since they are torker. i wonder if he would sell it without the tire and rim and that remindes me does anyone have any of these used ones they want to sell?


I’d like a 3 inch tire

Is that a 3 inch tire on the Torker DX wheelset? isn’t folding a problem with that setup? if you can fit 3 inch tires on that rim, then why can’t you put a gazz on that rim? (or leopard)

you cant put a gazz on it because torkers have a 20" rim versus the standard 19"trials rim

Um, somebody is a little misinformed. Gazz’s don’t go on 20" wheels. The wheel for sale is 24". The Yang’s uni is a 24".

yeah, I’m referring to the 24 inch gazzes (gazzi?). I’d love to slap a gazz on my current rim, but I beleive that it is too small for a 3 inch tire.

Either way, a 24" tire inset going to fit on a 19" or a 20" rim…

Mr. Yang-You can put a gazz on skinny rims, I did, I used to have a Gazz 3.0 on a nimbus rim it worked but the tire would fold over alot and sometimes pop out of the lip of the rim. All that popping out wore down the hook-thingy on the tire and didn’t perform as good as it now does on a DX-32.

$90 isent bad for a splined hub, rim and 3.0, not bad at all!

I really like the cushy hopping on a gazz, but I don’t want to have alot of fold overs. guess I’ll just keep hopping on my rock of a tire

Re: I’d like a 3 inch tire

The Kenda tire (and similar 3" slick tires) run at a higher pressure than the Gazz so they won’t be as likely to fold over or pop off the rim. Still, it’s better to use a wider rim. But you can probably get by with the stock Torker rim as long as you don’t get too aggressive with it.

I’ve used a Fireball tire (basically the same as the Kenda Flame) with a DX32 rim and it works well. The Fireball is nothing at all like a Gazz. The Fireball is not as squishy, does not have as much bounce, and really misbehaves if the pressure is too low. You have to run it at a fairly high pressure to get it to behave and at that pressure you don’t get the bounce and the kush of a Gazz.

Nah don’t use Mozzila, use firefox, they are made from the same source code, just firefox is alot better and still free.