[For Sale] New 06 torker DX 20" (less than 1 hour!)

I bought this unicycle brand new from ebay. Ive ridden it less than 1 hour for the month ive had it. I love unicycling but I just dont have time to ride it.

I paid 250 not including shipping, Im offering it for 175.(usd)

This thing is flawless. NOTHING is wrong with it at all. It has NOT been dropped whatsoever (im not a beginner) or anything. Its basically brand new.

Im not posting pictures yet becuase I want to know if anybody is interested. If you are post in here asking for pictures ill take some and post them.

Its the same one you see here

I prefer paypal, but ill take money order or check if you can get it here quickly.

Heres the specs:

Frame: Red CrMO tubular with flat crown for one-foot skills and main-cap bearing mounts

Bearings: 40x20x12

Hub: 10-spline, heat-treated

Cranks: 5-inch Splined, hollow

Rim: Alex DX32 19" alloy double walled 48 spoke trials rim with black spokes

Tire: Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.5 trials tire

Pedals: Alloy Pinned Platform Style

Seat post: 25.4-mm(1-inch)x 400mm long

Clamp: 2-bolt alloy type 28.6mm

Saddle: Contoured with front lift handle and rear bumper guard.

ill take it!

Great!. please contact me at t0talkos@gmail.com or googletalk (tuflon.com on there). We can work everything out, ill give you pictures and things like that.

sold yet? kinda interested… are you just selling it as a complete or will you sell it parted?

he sold it im sendin the $ tomorw after school

DAMN! i wish i had checked this thread earlier! would’ve totally bought it for 175

If this falls through i will contact you guys about buying it

please please please if for any reason the uni is back up for sale, let me know

when will u send it


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